Painting the Suzuki DR350: Color Test

The DR350 is currently getting a complete overhaul, and I just did some simple color tests in Photoshop to play with colors. The bike still has 24-year-old factory paint on it along with plenty of rusty bits, so the frame is getting stripped & repainted along with the body panels and gas tank.

Here is the original, in all its glory:

1990 Suzuki DR350
1990 Suzuki DR350 Original Paint

It actually looks decent in this picture, but what you can’t see are the decades of scarring on the frame & body panels, the little pits & tears starting on the gas tank (which was plasti-dipped), and the numerous rust spots trying to consume the bike. Nothing we can’t clean up of course.

A few hours of playing with Photoshop and I put together some rudimentary color mockups. This isn’t the most sophisticated bit of graphic design I’ve done, but it was quick and helps me get an idea of what she might look like with the new colors & few minor design accents to play with.

DR350 Color Tests

After all that, I’ve decided to go with my original choice of a dark metallic grey for the frame. The pegs have already been painted and they look excellent. I think the metallic dark grey looks pretty superb and it’s a perfect base for experimenting with a lot of different colors, instead of locking myself into something.

That being said, a very close runner up for me is the bright green design. If only I could paint the bike again as fast as I can with Photoshop, it would be worth a shot!