1990 Suzuki DR350

New 1990 Suzuki DR350

I picked up this 1990 Suzuki DR350 enduro on Craigslist for a sweet price along with a ton of spare parts. This is the dirt-only model. Runs strong and has a Big Gun exhaust, Excel rim & Race Tech spring. Needs a little love and I have a new Summer project. Okay, it’s 24 years old, but it’s new to me.

This is the first bike I’ve ever owned. I chose the older DR350 over a newer (smaller) bike for the power, good track record, and there are some decent aftermarket parts & mods out there if I want to go that route. Eventually I want to make it street legal or look into a second newer dual sport for longer trail rides.

The history was a little vague but the bike runs strong. The airbox was gutted and it has some aftermarket parts. Everything is pretty clean and solid; no bad rust, leaks, etc. But judging by the condition, which is definitely “used”, this 24-year-old bike has probably been ridden hard, maybe raced, definitely pounded on and most likely dropped a thousand times.

That said, it hauls strong and runs clean. I weigh about 130lbs. and it wants to take off without me. Starting it up is another story, but kickstarting a DR350 is apparently a dark art of some kind. I’m getting the hang of it.

It’s got a few aftermarket items:

  • Rear Takasago Excel rim
  • Big Gun exhaust
  • Race Tech rear spring

The bike also came with a spare motor with a cracked case and a ton of other parts: three sets of tires (street tires, ice tires & dirt tires) two sets of rims, spare seat, swingarm + shock, handlebars, front fender, brand new signal + tail light set, caliper & a bunch of other stuff.

It’s tapping a little so the first step is a valve adjustment, then on to a full tune up and maybe eventually an engine rebuild. There’s no way of knowing how many miles are on that motor but it’s probably a safe bet to assume it’s a lot.

For now, I’ll settle for tearing up the field a bit and giving it some love. Then on to the trails!